Patient Info - Kurtzman Plastic Surgery
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Office Hours

For general information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 513.891.4440.

Appointment Policy

At the time of your initial visit, your treatment plan will be established along with an estimate of fees. Our office schedules patient appointments throughout the week, Monday through Friday. New patient forms are available online. Please feel free to print and bring this along with you on your visit. Surgical Procedures are scheduled a few weeks in advance for most procedures. All financial arrangements and payments are made prior to procedures performed.


For patients who seek plastic surgery, there are many patient financing options available to help cover the cost of plastic or cosmetic surgery. When plastic surgery is for cosmetic purposes, health insurance typically will not cover the cost of the procedure or any related expenses. Many patients who seek surgery are not able to pay the full amount in cash up-front for the procedure and related services. For this reason, we offer financing options to make covering these costs feasible.

We take all major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover

We offer Prosper Healthcare Lending and CareCredit® financing, each designed specifically for your health and beauty needs. We would like to help you move forward with getting the procedure you’ve always wanted. With convenient monthly payment options, you can get your procedure sooner.

Patients should not feel anxious about asking financial questions. Kurtzman Plastic Surgery is a positive experience, and one should feel comfortable about the financial aspect of the experience as well as the specific aspects of the surgery they chose.

New Patient Forms

The following forms can be downloaded to your computer and printed at home. By filling out these forms ahead of time, you will save a significant amount of time during your visit. Please be prepared to provide this information to our office when you arrive. If you have any questions when filling out these forms, please do the best you can and our staff will assist you with your questions on the day of your visit.